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How to Tell if Your AC is Running Efficiently

If your unit is running properly it will produce air about 15-20 degrees cooler than the air entering the unit.  If your AC unit is not maintaining the desired temperature you may have a leak or need a new filter.  Evolve Services can address both of these potential issues. 

Here are four easy steps to check the efficiency of your home comfort system:

Start by turning the unit on.  Start on a day that is over 80 degrees and leave the equipment running for at least 15 minutes. Next put a thermometer on the supply register closest to your AC unit, this removes the variable of feet traveled and allows you to gauge if the unit is performing properly. Keep that thermometer in place for at least five minutes, you want to give the unit time to do its job but it will also be helpful to know how quickly that job is getting done. Finally, repeat the thermometer reading on a return vent (where the cool air come out).  If the temperature is 15-20 degrees cooler, you are in the proper range.

Your home comfort system can’t do its job properly if the air is flowing out doors or windows.  Yes, fresh air is super important for indoor air quality but your HVAC system cannot function efficiently if it is just heating or cooling the outdoors.

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